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Continual practice of critical but rarely used skills improves performance and identifies deficiencies. In today's business world, emergency preparedness is a significant part of many organization's standards and compliance policies. Training from CPR Life Links services will help you perform better when emergencies arise and stay in compliance with your organization's policies.

Most emergency management education is given in didactic classroom settings which focus on the student’s knowledge of the intended treatment and course of events. However, this classroom environment cannot impart the knowledge gained by practicing on simulated patients the critical skills needed in crisis scenarios. Many times entire teams of experienced professionals can identify all the necessary steps for successful resolution of a particular emergency while in the classroom. However, put this same team in a dynamic environment managing the exact same patient emergency and deficiencies in practice will become apparent. This is because nothing in real life is static and more and more studies are showing that simulation based medical education can improve both technical and non technical crisis management skills and team performance.

Is your staff fully prepared for crisis management?

CPR Life Link’s simulation and training staff can help you determine your organizations level of crisis response preparedness. We will can then help you improve your skills based on your organizations own policies and standards.